Pepper Coffee Steak Recipe

BBQ Pleaser

If you’re out at the barbeque this summer, be sure to try this recipe. Ground coffee is used as a spice and the result is tasty, but doesn’t taste at all like a coffee drink. Give it a shot, it’s great. Instead of saying “I need coffee” you might have them shouting “I need more of that food!”

Surf or Turf

This marinade works well with both meat and fish: try steak, tuna, and salmon.




  • Coarse ground dark roast coffee beans (French Roast or Espresso)
  • Coarse ground black pepper


Mix about 1/3 coffee beans and 2/3 pepper


Coat steaks with olive oil and Worcestershire sauce
Season with garlic powder
Coat steaks with heavy layer of coffee/pepper mixture.
Let sit for 30 minutes to 2 hours
Sear on a very hot grill and cook to your favorite doneness

This coffee/pepper mixture works well with grilled salmon or tuna replacing Worcestershire with lemon juice and garlic powder with dill.