Cold Coffee Beverages

We’ve compiled a list of cold coffee beverage recipes to help cool you down this summer.

An Espresso-Based Frozen Drink

Lura Lee has reverse-engineered that popular frozen coffee drink which we can’t say by name lest we receive another cease-and-desist letter. Here is the recipe.

Homebrewing: Espresso Stout

Perhaps a darker ale with an espresso kick is what you prefer. Ryan Jacobs gives an overview to homebrewing beer as well as providing a recipe for crafting the espresso blend that best matches this style of beer.

Espresso Martini

Lura Lee provides not one, but five different recipes for different variations on coffee based martinis.

Coffee Milkshake, Coffee Malt

Using the recipe for homemade coffee ice cream, Lura Lee constructed recipes for both the coffee milkshake and coffee malt.

Chilled Espresso Drinks

Ben Brown showed us that a cocktail shaker can be used for something other than gin in the article Espresso Summer Drinks.